The Old Homestead

Welcome to the musings and stories of Potemkyn.


March Madness

It snowed today, the ground was covered with about 1" of snow. But it was warm enough that it did not stick to the roads. Filled up three garden beds yesterday, and should be able to fill two more tomorrow. At some point I'll be tackling some more of the trees that were either pushed down, split, or misaligned by the Snowpocolapse in the Winter of 2009 (the two worst ones were in December). At best, they will become goat fodder and new fence posts.



Been a long while since I typed anything here. Not only was I busy with farming, but with life in general. And, with trying to learn many many things. I'll list a few, starting with the outdoors:

  • Animal Husbandry: Goats, Chickens, ducks, and almost a horse
  • Fencing: Electric, woven, and panel
  • Barns and shelters: The goat shed, chicken tractor, chicken coop (one that keeps out foxes)
  • crops: the ones you can grow in your backyard - but watch out for drought and too much rain
  • composting
  • solar and wind power
  • cars that need some TLC
Then there were in the indoor items:
  • Plumbing and wiring
  • Tile flooring
  • sheetrocking walls
  • removing wood flloring and putting it in another house

something to help out at the office:

  • ASP
  • ActionScript 2.0 Classes
  • ActionSctipt 3.0
  • Javascript
  • 3D modeling and animation
  • building new computer systems
  • repairing old computer systems


  • History of the Church
  • History of the Anglican Church
  • History of England
  • Catholicism
  • The Seven Ecumenical Councils

Enough to keep me pretty busy O_o


Busy, busy, busy

That's the way things are nowadays.

When we picked up the first two goats, we picked up a rooster not even a week later. That caused the chicken coop to get finished THAT NIGHT! When it rained shortly after, we moved the coop to the garage, then just out of the garage, then we moved it to its current place - and built the chicken run. Then we picked up four bantam hens, six Shaver Red hens, two chicks, and three guineas.

After building the milking stand, we picked up another milking doe. She's an older goat, but we've been getting over a gallon of milk from her each day.

Next on the list was to build a pasture. That was done over the course of several weeks. Later, we found the livestock wire spacing too large for the horned doe - she gets caught in it reaching through the middle holes. So, it is currently being replaced with goat wire.

We've also built a new screen door for the goat shed - one strong enough to keep them in! We had thrown up a quick wood chelter that became a goat shelter, but it needed to be somewhat sturdier. The roof and supports are built and next are the "walls."

Guess that brings everyone up to speed now. Well, yes, there is more. And I'll tell a few tales.


Delving in

This is one of those things we've been thinking about for some time now.


So, we've actually been busy doing some of this season. Just over a couple of weeks ago, we tilled up the tomatoe garden and put in three rows of peas - they are coming up now. Last weekend, we put in four rows of potatoes and one long row of onions. Then we started working another spot for corn.

Then came Monday.

We'd been thinking about milking cows to get our own milk for some time now - years. However, we've never owned a cow, or milked a cow before. So, I thought it might be best to start with something smaller.


You know, if a cow happens to roll over on you while you are milking, you might have a problem? Not so with a goat ;)

We've been getting up around 5:30 to go out and milk, Badgermum has had the most success, getting between two to three cups in the morning and a bit less in the evening. The goats are getting use to us and we are getting better with taking care of them. We picked up this pair, a nanny and her kid, from a Mennonite farm up the road. We almost got the nanny before she had the kid, but that's another story. We have a pen for them, and we let them free range a bit - we stay with them and walk them around the yard while she eats.

The kid, a buc, is realy funny. He reminds me of a dog at times, nuzzles, jumps, runs, crawls into your lap. We call him Blue. Queenie, the mamma goat, likes some of the wild things in the yard: honeysuckle, blackberry, rose-like bushes, and wild onions! She's helping us take care of the yard. She follows us around, and meets us at her gate, and has gotten use to her milking stand.

That's the latest at the old homestead. We are turning what's left of this farm back into a farm. Little by little, bit by bit.



A new way to slice coconuts

First, you'll need to be on a small field - make sure you aren't near any windows.

You'll need two people, one with a coconut and one with a machetee.

Toss the coconut towards the person with the machete - in a nice arc.

And Swing!

If you miss, hopefully you'll get another chance at it. If you hit it, there will be more than two pieces.

Pick up the pieces, wash, prepare and serve!



You can kick your tire...

My wife read a portion of a chapter from her current book to me just recently - it was talking about the differences between a horse and an automobile.

Now, most of us have grown up with the auto being just a regular part of our lives - and we know that it has not always been that way. When these new inventions rolled out, there weren't all that many who could afford one - or wanted one! So, the makers came up with some ideas.

- Your auto won't run away from you.

- The auto won't throw a shoe or break its leg.

- Autos don't get cranky about the food you give them.

- Autos don't kick.

- Autos won't get old and have to just be taken care of until it finally dies.

- Autos don't bite or get fusy when you want to use them.

- Autos don't get sick.

Right! However, when I have an auto, I have Auto Problems, and when I have a horse, I have Horse Problems. Looking at it this way, I am simply exchanging one set of problems for another.

Another point in the book was how modern science extracted from the horse all that we wanted - something we call horsepower. But what is the difference? We know some of those answers right off the bat: Autos can go further in one day than a horse. Autos can haul more (well, some can). Autos can be left outside or in a shelter - your choice. Autos can be repaired by someone else.

Now here's something that just dawned on me. You can kick your auto, but try kicking your horse and see how well it comes to you when you need it (of course, kicking the auto may break your toes too); You can be mean and say rude and vile things to your auto, but should you do such a thing to your horse - it will remember; You can forget to clean your auto, but if you don't take care of your horse it will tell quickly.

What it comes down to, I think, is relationship. Not that the horse is a wife, son, or a daughter or a relative, but it is, essentially, part of your family. It will go through the lean times with you. It will help you with your work. It will provide the pleasure of riding. And one thing they forgot to extract with the horsepower, the horse is a wonderfully created beast. It is strong and beautiful.

And all these things makes a horse shine better and brighter than the noisey, plastic, computerized auto.

And yes, I am planning on getting some... one day... after we get chickens, and maybe some goats, and perhaps some cows :)



The Difference of the Righteous...

I don't know all the details but this really got my ire up.

I watch, as my brothers are accused and accuse - openly, to the world. It is a despicable horror as the men involved in doing this are good and righteous. Did not Paul chastise us for taking our brothers to the courts? Yet this is one of the threats against my brothers - and they remain calm and quiet. They step back look at their actions, humble themselves, pray and repent.

Are they perfect? Probably not. Are they unteachable? Obviously no. Did they do something wrong? That remains to be seen.

But there is one thing that is done here that is so unrighteous. The posting letters, documents, and emails containing views, opinions, quotes, and rules on the Internet for the world to see. Twisted words and phrases, spoken by my brothers and others who are afraid, to use as weapons against them and threaten them. And this they say for peace. Peace...

Yet we can only see part of the story - that which is loudly proclaimed. We may never know the actual beginning of such things. For the verdict has been handed out - without a trial, without any defense, without the other side of the story being told.

Why do they do this? To puff themselves up? To gain something for themselves? Because they like it? Because it is in their blood to tear the church apart?


I pray for my brothers, may they be granted justice, may their accusers fall into their own trap. God be glorified.

Look with pity, O heavenly Father, upon the people in this land who live with injustice, terror, disease, and death as their constant companions. Have mercy upon us. Help us to eliminate our cruelty to these our neighbors. Strengthen those who spend their lives establishing equal protection of the law and equal opportunities for all. And grant that every one of us may enjoy a fair portion of the riches of this land; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Gracious Father,
we pray for thy holy Catholic Church. Fill it with all truth, in all truth with all peace. Where it is corrupt, purify it; where it is in error, direct it; where in any thing it is amiss, reform it. Where it is right, strengthen it; where it is in want, provide for it; where it is divided, reunite it; for the sake of Jesus Christ thy Son our Savior.

I do not know what all has transpired, but this one thing be true: much is spread across the Internet, mostly from one side - and that is something we should never, never do - uncover the Body of Christ, the Church, in front of the pagans and heathens and the infidels.

May God grant my brothers wisdom, patience, peace, and prosperity as they work to establish God's Kingdom, in their homes, in their parish, and here on earth.




Seems that things nowadays don't seem to hold up all that well. For instrance, some of the tools the owner left us were made with metal and have wooden handles. Granted, if you keep them out of the rain and the sun, they'll last a good long time - even a few decades. I can tell you, that some of the items we received, are well over fifty years old - and they are still quite useable. Then there are the items that (I just found out) are at least a hundred years old, and yes, this pair of items is also very usable.

Modern America has no want of anything - if someone desires or dreams of something, it can be made. This is partly due to plastic - a petroleum product. Plastic use to be an adjective - meaning the object was moldable. Plastic itself is moldable, both before and after it has been formed. Not a bad thing in and of itself, but to have that attribute, it gives up something else.

Strength and Beauty

Wood has a good deal of strength in it - and beauty, given time and effort. It is moldable to a degree - but only for a time. After that, you'll risk breaking it. Iron, on the other hand, has a great deal of strength to it, unless, when you are molding it into the shape you need - in the forge, you get it too hot - then it crumbles. Blacksmiths can mold and shape and reshape metal several times. Inbetween those times, the metal is... metal, and it is strong. You can leave metal out in the sun and it won't deteriorate, or at least very quickly (but try leaving it out in the rain unpainted). Try that with wood and it will soon bleach (and wood suffers greatly by getting wet and drying...), try it with plastic and the plastic bleaches, and then becomes brittle - so much for being Plastic!

So, there are some trade offs. Plastics can handle getting wet, dried off, and gettting wet again without rotting. Metals and woods have to have some sort of protective covering - or the water will destroy them. Plastics do much more poorer than wood in the sun and metals don't seem to be effected (generally).

In the final analysis (ugh! my work seeping out...) metal and wood last longer and look better, but that's not all. There is something about holding a tool with a wooden handle, or a wooden chess piece. Even glass feels better than plastic. While a glass glass will likely shatter should it fall from your table onto the floor, and a plastic glass(???) usually won't - the glass glass is heavier, less resilient, more expensive, in dwindling numbers in your cabinet, but it sure feels better in your hand (and doesn't add its flavor to your water!).

So, plastic may have its uses, but I have come to prefer the natural things.


What on earth?

I was surfing around one day - interested in finding out about nuclear blast radius (yes - even though I did work around them long time ago...) and so I stumbled across a list of U.S. nuclear tests. Of the ones listed, over 800 were conducted underground! (The number of tests above ground, was a great number as well).

Strange thing, I think now - to have done so many tests. We knew these things worked and that they were... powerful. What more do you need to know?

Never did find out what I was actually looking for, it was interesting reading some fo the results of the test detonations. And even now, I can't seem to find that page...


That thing is HOT!

Well, it got cold this week - as you may have noticed. We were blessed with about four inches of snow early this week, and it is still here as I type. The kids have been enthralled. They go out, make something (Angles' Wings, Snowman, snow fort...) wander around in the snow, eat a bit, throw somw snowballs, and finally - when they are just about frozen, come in and drip dry by the gas log.

Of course, it's fairly cold - staying around 32 or so in the day, and dropping below 30 at night. The house we have has several kinds of heat, gas log in the old fireplace, electric heater up in the Sun Room, gas stove in the Family Room, and a fuel furnace in the central air system. Over a month ago, I picked up an old wood buring stove and put in down in the basement, right next to the furnance. The stove had a fan on the back to blow air through the sides of it and out vents in the front - nice, but it had been exposed to the weather and no longer spun freely. There's no glass on the doors, just an air vent knob for each door. The top is flat and the exhaust is a 3"X9" rectangle - that held me up a bit getting it hooked up to the round stove pipe.

So, it was cold this morning - in the house. Seems the furnace quit in the nite (guess it got a bit thirsty or something). So when I rolled out of bed, I knew I had to do a couple of things - fix the furnace, and get that wood burning stove hooked up!

Off to town to get the supplies for the stove. I was able to get just about everything I needed. When I got back, the fuel furnance wasn't cooperating, so I attacked the stove to the exhaust, and Shazam! We got some heat. Mind you, I haven't hooked it into the central air system - yet. But it heats the basement, and all the bedrooms above the basement very nicely.
And, wow! Does it get hot! I have some wood from out yard and some I picked up from a co-worker. Said it was cedar, and Cherry. Some of it could pass for cedar. Don't know about cherry though. In any case, we are staying warm - and using wood.

God is good!



The StORM Project: To Start a Heart

Guy attended his annual CPR training class. All of the usual procedures were thoroughly rehashed.

Airway check
Check mouth for any obstructions. Then place your ear near the victim's mouth and watch their chest (look, listen and feel).
Call for help Help! Help!
Pulse Check (from the American Red Cross)

Look, listen, and feel for signs of circulation including:
• A pulse;
• Normal breathing; and
• Coughing or movement in response to rescue breaths.

This check should last no more than 10 seconds.

Chest Compressions
• CPR for an adult victim is conducted at a rate of 15 chest compressions to 2 rescue breaths for one or two responders at a rate of about 100 compressions per minute. Compressions are 1 1/2" to 2" deep.

• CPR for a child victim is conducted at a rate of 5 chest compressions to 1 rescue breath, at a rate of about 100 compressions per minute. Compressions are 1" to 1 1/2" deep.

• CPR for an infant victim is conducted at a rate of 5 chest compressions to 1 rescue breath, at a rate of at least 100 compressions per minute. Use two fingers placed above the Zyphoid Process (just above the V of the rib cage) to ensure no bones are broken. Compressions are only 1/2" to 1" deep.

Everyone had to practice before they could be re-certified. This was a great opportunity for students to show what they have learned and to gain additional experience. As the instructor noted, victims often receive broken ribs from CPR and many times vomit when they are revived. The last note that was given was "Be prepared, you never know when you may have to use these skills to save someone's life."

On his way out of the hospital guy passed by a group of people coming into the ward. He stopped and then said under his breath:

I sense something, something I have not felt since…

He went to the Mayor Wislon's office to brief him of the current status of the Mission City Safety Project. While there he mentioned what he experienced after the CPR class.

Dr. Juan? What makes you think so?

The last time I felt this was in the presence of my old Master.

Surely he must be dead by now.

Do not underestimate Dr. Juan.

The Kaoss’ are old and tired; their fire has gone out of this world. You, my friend, are all that's left of that régime.

The phone rang for the mayor. His expression changed.

The hospital? A disturbance?

Dr. Juan is here, and his folly is with him.

If he is, he must not be allowed to disrupt the city and escape.

Escape is not his plan, I must face him. Alone!

Guy rushed over to the hospital. It was raining so he grabbed an umbrella. It was black handled with a red cover. He went to the rear entrance of the hospital and went down the hall to the next set of double doors. There he waited. But he did not have to wait long. Dr. Juan was soon to be found walking towards him. He came slowly, cautiously, using a dull blue cane to assist him. Guy strode up to meet him, umbrella in his right hand.

I've been waiting for you Dr. Juan. We meet again, at last. The circle is now complete. When we last met I was but the learner - now I am the master.

Only a master of safety, Guy.

Dr. Juan raised the cane as if it were a sword. Guy mimicked with his umbrella, blocking and parrying the Doctor's moves.

You should not have come back.

They continued for another moment.

You are weak old man.

You can’t win, Guy. If you strike me down I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.

Guy stepped back and frowned, puzzled by the old man's comment.

Oh, sorry. Ah, yes. If you put me away my asso… GASP!

Dr. Juan grasped his chest and fell to his knees. Then his eyes rolled and he collapsed to the floor. Guy, realizing what was happening, used the recent training he just received.

Help! Help!

He checked Dr. Juan for his pulse, and breathing. Nothing. He initiated CPR. It wasn't long before others came up to assist him. After a few moments, Dr. Juan's heart started back up and he was breathing on his own again. Guy realized that the refresher course he had taken was of great help to him. Had it not been for the additional training, his old "friend" would no longer be alive. Having done his duty, he left to report that all was safe in Mission City.

To be continued…


For the time being...

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Please email when you can.


I've activated the "Show word verification for comments" feature and turned comments back on. If a spamBot figures this one out, I'll add y'all to a blog list.



The Missing Draft

Eight Safety Representatives and safety folk sit around a huge black conference table. Mr. Targe' , one of the reps, has the 'floor'.

Targe': Until this checklist is fully used we are vulnerable. Many personnel are too complacent. It’s more dangerous than you realize.

(A bitter Mr. Morti twists nervously in his chair. )Morti: Dangerous to your students, Commander, not to all personnel!

The whiners will continue to gain support in the Safety Council as long as....

Suddenly all heads turn as Commander Targe's speech is cut short and Mr. Wislon, governor of Mission City, enters. He is followed by his powerful ally, Guy. All stand and as he takes his place at the head of the table. Guy stands behind him.

Wislon: The Safety Council will no longer be of any concern to us. I've just received word that Safety Boss has dissolved the council permanently. The last remnants of the old republic - have been swept away.

That's impossible! How will he maintain control without the bureaucracy?

Local governement now has direct control over territories. The ORM checklist will keep all in line.

And what of the whiners? If they have obtained a complete technical draft of the checklist, it is possible, however unlikely, that they might find a weakness - and exploit it.

A complete version of the checklist you refer to will soon be used by all supervisors.

Any complaint made by the whiners would be a useless gesture, no matter what technical data they've obtained. The ORM checklist is now the ultimate power in keeping personnel safe in the universe. I suggest we use it! (Morti then begins to indulge in a chilidog for his lunch)

Don't be too proud of this technological checklist you've constructed. The ability to keep folks safe is insignificant next to personal responsibility and common sense.

(still eating) Don't try to frighten us with your sorcerer's ways, Guy. Your sad devotion to those ancient thoughts have not helped you conjure up the stolen draft, or given you clairvoyance enough to find how it was lifted... (Suddenly Morti chokes and starts to turn blue. All in the room are unfomforatably still and silent for a moment - except for Guy, who is still standing.)

I find your lack of faith disturbing.

Enough of this! Guy, help him!

As you wish. (Guy walks over to Morti and performs the hymlick maneuver, propelling the object blocking the airway).

This bickering is pointless. Guy will provide us with the best way to help our folks be safe to include the mandatory use of the ORM checklist. We will then crush complacency and ignorance with one swift stroke!

To be continued...


The Godfather

All had been quiet in Mission City, too quiet. Fall arrived and the blistering 90+ degree weather was gone. The biggest problem would now be those damp mornings where the dew set on vehicles. Mixed with the sun glare, it provided a new hazard for the season – temporary blindness. A second hazard he noted were the leaves, falling from the trees. In wet weather, some leaves become very slick – a slipping hazard!

Guy got up to take a stroll, hopefully not like the last one he took. As he began going around the cubicles and hallways, he noticed an unfamiliar figure darting about. Musing, he continued his search for pictures placed over doorframes, extension cords, fire extinguisher pressure levels, and the like. He documented the good, the bad and the ugly as he went - he had to, The Big Safety Boss was coming in two weeks. Everything was going well, that is until he went around a corner while he was writing and CRASH! He ran right into the Chief. Papers went everywhere.

Guy! What is the meaning of this? Assaulting an officer…

Oops. Sorry 'bout that Chief.

Well, don't worry about it. I came by to pick up the new dates for classes.

Let me see if I can find it. Ah, here, take this paper.

And if the time or date changes?

It will be posted at the safety site. I will make sure a message gets out to you.

Thanks Guy, and next time, watch where you are going. Or I'll have to site you with reckless walking.

Thanks Chief.

Guy decides that now is a good time to goto lunch, but before he could very far he is picked up so he could have a "little talk" with the Godfather. After a long trip through the city, they arrived at a huge mansion. He is escorted inside and brought before the Godfather. He sat behind a huge desk with a large cigar.

You know those things are bad for you.

Godfather: (tapping the end of the cigar with his finger showing it was not lit)
I see you are well. That's good. Glad you could come here on such short notice. We have some small matters we must settle.
(He opens a drawer and pulls out the latest OSH guide)

Number one. This supplement states that the use of EXTENSION CORDS is limited.

That is correct. When used, surge protectors and extension cords must not run under rugs, hang over walls, run through door ways or windows, or be placed subject to physical damage. They cannot be used for coffee pots, microwaves, refrigerators, ice machines, freezers, toaster ovens, and air conditioners. You must make sure the appliance does not exceed the amperage rating, and they should only be used for temporary use (temporary being defined at less than 24 hours).

I see. That may cause some problems in a few areas. Is there any work around until an electrician can put in new wall sockets for appliances?

None at present sir. These items must be plugged directly into a wall socket.

(grumbling something about cold coffee) Number Two. Material Safety Data Sheets. Where should they be kept and are any items exempt?

They need to be accessible to all personnel for your materials. Some building managers keep one book for the whole building, some offices prefer to keep their own book. There are products (like hand soap) that may not need an MSDS, but that is subject to change.

Number three. I understand we just went through a semi-annual inspection and you found a few items not up to par. When do these have to be corrected?

Write ups should be corrected within 60 days.

Very well. Lastly. I've got a few folks who have been injured, some went to the hospital emergency room, some to sick call and others didn't bother to go. Now, who needs to fill out a mishap report?

How many of them work for you?

All of them.

Then they ALL need to fill out a form. No matter where the accident happened, No matter when it occurred. No matter whether they are officer or enlisted. They are required to fill out a form. No ifs, ands or buts.

After a moment he turned towards his window.
We'll contact you if we need any further assistance. Boys, take Guy to his home.

With that Guy was on his way home. He persuaded the two gentlemen in the front seats to buckle up. They gave him a wry look but followed his advice. It was way past dinnertime when Guy got back home. He cooked a real quick meal (Potato, Beef and Broccoli Helper) and prepared for the next day. As he lay falling asleep he had no idea what would be in store for him in the near future.

To be continued...


The StORM Project

It was the dawn of the Third Millennium, 9 years after the
Desert War.
The StORM Project was a dream given form.
It’s goal: to prevent mishaps by helping others through
information and Operational Risk Management -
at work and at home.
It is for Officers, Enlisted, Civilians, and their Families.
Military, Civilians and Contractors working in
two million five hundred thousand pounds of slowly
sinking brick and metal, all alone by the swamp.
It can be a dangerous place, but its
our last best hope for Safety.
This is the story of one safety program.
The year is Two Thousand,
the name of the place is Mission City.

A Meeting.

It's the beginning of summer. Guy has already had to check up on three folks not operating their equipment properly in the last quarter. One forgot to wear goggles while using a weed eater and got a mass of debris in the eyes. Another was using the mower and, well - backed it over his foot! The third fell off of a ladder while trimmer the hedges, stretched out to get those last few tendrils instead of moving the ladder to a better location.

Before the morning is over the phone rings shattering the peaceful silence in the office.

"Mission City Safety Office."

Hello Guy.

Inspector, what a surprise.

Well, you know how things are around here. I need to get -

I know, information.

Yea, how'd you guess?

Don't ask.

Right. Well anyway, I need to know when is the next Supervisor Safety Training class is.

It's held on Friday at 9AM in the Education Office, room 5. June 24th is your stake-out date.

Good. Now what about the Safety Rep Meeting?

The Safety Rep meeting is held in the second Thursday of the First month of each quarter.

What's that?

9AM July 14th.

Got it! Now, I hear you have a Motorcycle course too.

Yes, the Motorcycle Safety course is mandatory for new riders. It's only a day long. You have to pick up a coupon that allows you to go to the class - without being charged. Call my Office for more info.

Well - thanks, gotta go, thanks Guy.

Don't mention it.

Late in the afternoon and Guy decides to talk a walk to stretch his legs, and look for any safety hazards in the area. As He walks down the sidewalk, he is suddenly nabbed by two "gangsters" and dragged into some building.

He's good Boss, Can't believe he even came by dis way after seeing da Chief da other day. (to Guy) Yous gots a lota guts fella. (turns to Boss) I dink we can squeeze a few answers before we let 'im go. Just let ME ask him.

Go ahead, Guido.

Thanks Boss. (cracks knuckles and smiles)
Now, yous. I hate to say it, but da Boss goes too easy on yous guys. No matter. Dis is where the rubber hits da road. Ya see, we got some of dose papers yous talked about earlier, safety forms. Our home made mishap forms is from way back and some (he-he) copied Off-duty Mishap Report Forms. What I want to hear from yous is dat dese copied Off-duty forms are good, got it?

The homemade report forms and the copies of the Off-duty Mishap Report Form can no longer be used. You must use the official forms. They are for on duty and off duty mishaps.

Gee, dat's too bad. Now, I hear from some guys that there is an electronic form out dere. Now, da Boss don't mind fillin out any kind of form yous got. But I ain't got any of dese papers - ere forms, and yous know how many accidents we have around here, don't ya?

Easy Guido, he can't talk if he can't breathe.

Yea, Boss. (Loosing his grip and then gave a smack on Guy's back) Well, ya gonna talk or what?

(After a cough and deep breath) Um, the official forms are online at the PUBs site. Okay?

Dat's better. Now, another ding. How much time do we have to complete da mishap report form?

If it's minor, then we have 5 days to get it from the supervisor to the Safety Boss. Now you know your Boss has to sign it before we can take it up.

Yea - not a problem, but what if it's severe, like what happened with the guy dat totaled da Boss's car?

In a case where there is death, or permanent loss or use of say a hand or leg, then those forms must be submitted immediately. Obviously, you will need to get all the information and that may be difficult. Just call me should you run into problems.

I see. Well, Boss?

That'll be enough for today. Thank you. Now Guido, show our guest to the door.

Gotcha Boss.

Um, Giudo?

Yea Boss.

The other door. We want to talk with our guest again some day.

Sure ding Boss. It's a good ding the Boss likes ya. Here's da door.

Guy stepped outside into a bright sunny afternoon. To his left he noticed the Boss's car. It was a mess. Looked like it flipped over a few times.

Was he wearing his seat belt?

Sure. It's second nature to him.

Good thing. From what I can tell he would have smashed into the windshield and then been thrown out the window if he hadn't.

Oh, dats nice. I'll tell him next time I go see him at da hospital.

So he's recovering well from the crash?

No. He's recovering from da Boss's fury.

I see.

Be careful out there. And other ding, I hear dat da Godfather is a looking for ya too.

Godfather? You must be kidding? What would he want with me?

To be continued...